Monday, February 28, 2011

Weird being back

It is taking me some time to settle back in to be home. I was only gone for 4 days but it was so relaxing and I was so cut off that it feels like a lot longer.

I struggled last week with my healthy food habit challenge. Mainly because we could not get fresh fruit (or veg) where we went away. And we tried... It was really bizarre. So I am doing week 1 again.

In other news I am off to a new Physio tonight. My old one seemed to be pretty pathetic so I am getting a second opinion. I can feel a lump growing on the back of the Achilles and that is not good.... That added to the fact that it is constantly swollen leads me to believe he is not doing all he could be.

Weigh in this morning was slightly down. I have not been monitoring my food intake at all. Time to refocus.

The Black Dog is still hovering around the fringes as well. I am trying to do what I can to keep him at bay but it is hard...

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