Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I have whopping great blisters on my heels.

They are not from any shoes, although shoes are irritating them. They are caused by dermatitis. I have had it for years but never on my heels before…

What do I cover them with so that my sneakers do not make them worse? They will take a few weeks to clear up (nature of the dermatitis) and I can’t not wear shoes for that whole time.

Any help greatly appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Bodyglide (it acts as a lubricant between your skin and your shoes)

Also, I put a big hunk of sports tape over my heels to stop the rubbing

Katie Johnson said...

Ooo, I have just the thing for you! I know it sounds weird. Duct tape!! I learned this trick when I was doing long-distance running in my 40's and I use it anytime I get a blister. Take a piece of paper towel or tissue and fold it into a little 1" square or so-just a few layers. Tear of a piece of duct tape. Lay the paper toweling over the blister and cover the whole thing with a big piece of duct tape. Smooth it around your heel, put on your shoes and go! It protects your blister like nobodies business. Sometimes, oddly, if I have the duct tape on already, I'll just leave it for days-even when I shower!