Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I made it!!!!

I made it through a whole day with no junk food and staying within my points allowance!


So for today I just need to focus on backing that up. I can do it - I have proven that. So just one more day to get through. 

I am going for a walk tonight. Aiming for 45 minutes. Will have to see how the ankle holds up. Would love to go for longer but we will see. The plan is to walk home along the public transport route so that once it gets too painful to continue I will be near a stop for a ride home. 

Experimented with a new recipe of sorts last night (as in I chucked a whole heap of ingredients together to see if it would taste okay). Didn't quite work but I think I know where to fix it. It is a high protein, quick and easy meal that will be great for after long rides as there is also a bit of carb in it. I will share when I am sure it is right.

I am currently in a living situation where I am sharing a kitchen which sucks big time. Can't wait to be back in my own kitchen - hopefully not too much longer now. Then I will be able to cook a lot more.

I will check in with an update again later.

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