Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Better Day so far

Well today is going much better. Thanks to hints and tips I have rearranged my food for the day, leaving a lot more points for later in the day. I am also choosing better foods I think.

What do you think so far - I still have 14 points available to use.

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Anonymous said...

Alrighty. First of all - well done! Realizing and accepting that you're overweight is a big step, doing something about it is even bigger, and opening yourself up to the world is frikkin amazing. So, hats off to you.
Now. Question: why are you vegetarian? Is it because you believe it's "healthier" or is it a moral/ethical choice? Because if latter, I respect your beliefs and I probably can't do much to change your mind. If the former, you may want to reassess.
My background: was vegetarian for 4yrs (I was forced to stop when my iron levels got down to dangerous levels), spent far too many years not looking after myself, went from anorexic to obese, tried every diet under the sun, with little success. A few years ago I made a decision to fix my relationship with food by changing my attitude. My diet is mosly vegequarian, but I eat organic meat when I can too (it's quite pricey so can't do much of that) which fits within my ethical beliefs - I only eat animals who have had one bad day in their life.
I've convinced myself I like dark chocolate (and trust me, it is impossible to have a whole block of that!). If I have a craving for chips, I buy the smallest packet I can find and eat it, instead of eating a million other things that aren't chips, just to avoid eating chips. And in the wonderful words of Matt Preston, I don't eat anything my great-grandmother wouldn't recognize as food.
But enough about me.

While WWs are good to keep you "on track", I'm not sure that they take into account good nutrition and eating habits. I've had more of a success on lite'n'easy, mainly because I felt sick the entire time from all the aeroplane-style food. But it was A GREAT exercise in portion control. The best success has been in going back to the good old food pyramid. And I would recommend you try it too.
Looking at your food diary, you're missing vegetables (need 5 serves) and more wholegrains. Also, protein with every meal. 3-5 serves of low-fat dairy per day (afternoon hunger pains - glass of low-fat milk does wonders). Branch out with carbs and use the high-protein variety - experiment with beans, nuts, legumes (also high in iron, as are leafy greens). Your muscles need protein to sustain exercise. If deprived, your exercise regime will burn muscle instead of fat.
Finally, exercise. Cardio is fantasic for overall fat loss, so keep going. Interval training is excellent, so you're on a good thing there too. Try and introduce some strength exercises - push-ups, sit-ups, tricep dips and anything else you can find that doesn't rely on expensive equipment. Building muscle mass will increase your metabolic rate and you will burn more fat.

Finally, eat the bulk of your food during the day. Mak lunch your main meal and try to cut out carbs at night. You will feel less hungry during the day and your body will have time to burn through the calories.

Ok, I'll stop yabbering on and leave you to it. You're welcome to ignore everything I said, but it doesn't hurt to experiment a little. Wishing you every success in this.