Friday, February 18, 2011

htfu boot camp

Last night was our first Home Made Boot Camp session. I was half looking forward to it, half dreading it.

On the weekend when I was out shopping for a Valentines Day pressie for SVP I found these very cool caps for M & I to wear. They say “htfu”. I got them to remind us that when we really don’t want to do this - we need to shut up and harden the fuck up. :)

We went to a massive area of parklands and set ourselves up near an oval with benches that we could use for the session.

So we started with a Fitness Test. The idea was to get as many of the following done in the time frame to give us a starting point.

Squats                                                           2 minutes
Push ups                                                       2 minutes
Sit ups                                                            2 minutes
Shuttle run/walk                                        5 minutes

My results were:
Squats                                                           79
Push ups                                                       23
Sit ups                                                            17 
(and apparently the noises I make while trying to do these are wildly amusing…)
Shuttle run/walk                                        475 metres

Not a great result but it definitely gives me something to improve on.

By the time we did this the oval we were using was filling up with rugby players, so we decided to move ourselves one oval over (there are about 5 or 6 ovals). Then we got stuck into session 2

60 second intervals
15 seconds rest
Repeat circuit TWO TIMES
1.                Alternating lunges
2.                Push ups
3.                Squats
4.                Tricep dips
5.                Step ups
6.                Mountain climbers
7.                Hover/plank
8.                Burpees

This was HARD… I had to modify a few of them so they didn’t put extra pressure on my Achilles, but I did something for every section.

By the time we got through the first circuit, ALL the ovals were filled with Rugby players and we were boxed in. It was time to find another location.  We found a patch of grass away from all the ovals. By then we decided to skip the 2nd circuit and move on to round 3.

Round 3 was upper body work only.

Continuous circuit – no rest periods
12 repetitions of each exercise
1 minute rest then repeat circuit
1.                           Bicep curls
2.                           Lateral raises
3.                           Tricep kick backs
4.                           Overhead press
5.                           Hammer curls
6.                           Front raises
7.                           Dead lifts
8.                           Chest press
9.                           Dumbbell row
10.                     Tricep extensions

Now this hurt. I was only using 1.5 kg weights, but by the end they felt like 10kg. :)

We ended up doing a 50 minute session. I was knackered by the end of it. Of course, I was on my bike and still had a 10km ride to get home… It wasn’t too bad until km 4, when I encountered a head wind from the rain front moving in. By km 8 I was ready to spew. But I didn’t… :)

This morning I am in a world of pain… My Butt and Hamstrings are especially pissed at me. But honestly, I hurt all over. I skipped the bike ride in and got on public transport. Although even walking to the stop was slow and painful…

In saying that I really enjoyed it. M is great to work out with. She is so much fitter than me that it gives me something to strive for. Also she doesn't whinge and complain like I do. LOL I can't guarantee I am as much fun to work out with.

Next week it is my turn to come up with the plan. What I have in mind is quite different to M's session which is good. It will give us some variety. I am getting all my ideas from the Commando and Tiff from TBL. 

I am looking forward to it (assuming I am able to move again my then...) :)

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Katie Johnson said...

Dang!!! That's a WORK OUT. You rock!