Thursday, February 3, 2011

Weigh In


I lost 2.2 kgs since Monday!  

*happy dance*

It is mostly water weight - I have been peeing so much I could put out a small bushfire - but the scales are moving down and I am a happy camper. :)

Weight Watchers seems to be going okay so far, now that I have worked it out. My points dropped this week though so that will be a challenge. But I am sure I will get there. Just have to up my exercise so I can eat activity points. :)

I am doing a No Junk Food for February Challenge on a forum I frequent as well.  So far so good, although it is hard. I love my junk food. Which is why I weigh what I do I guess...

Went for a walk last night.  Walked for 50 minutes and did around 4kms (just over).  I am still walking slowly but I am walking again. The ankle didn't start hurting until towards the end.

What surprised me though is that I ran out of puff before my ankle started hurting. It is amazing how different activities require different types of fitness.  I can ride my bike for 50 kms, but walking 4 exhausts me. How weird is that.

Although I still can't run I have come up with a plan to get me working harder. Instead of doing my own variation of C25K with running (which is how I learnt to run last time), I am going to do it with power walking. So 5 minutes walking, 30 seconds power walking... Rinse, recycle, repeat, increase when required.

It won't have the same impact on my ankle as running but it should have a fairly good impact on my cardiovascular fitness.

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Chubby McGee said...

Great work! *claps*

Keep it up!