Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Last nights dinner

was crap. Complete crap. 

I managed to come in okay as far as calories go - hit 2226 and did a hard bike ride last night. But dinner was NOT what I had planned and was crap.

This is not the thing I would normally admit to - usually I would go silent on the matter. But not anymore. Now I admit to these things.

So I got home from my ride just after 7 last night. I had been going really well with my food and had planned to have a big salad with cottage cheese and sweet chili tofu.

But I was hot and tired and starving when I got home... So I had some bread and butter (really high calorie delicious bread). Then I was still starving so I had 3 more bits of this absolutely decadent bread that has now been banned from our house with mushrooms and cheese, grilled.

Doesn't sound too bad, right?

Over 900 calories my friends....

Then at 1.30 this morning I woke up with the worst tummy cramps and ended up with the poos. Serves me right!

This morning I was craving - I mean seriously hankering for - some potato chips. Smiths Cheese and Onion to be precise. But I did not cave. I have had my oats, and am drinking my water. My next weigh in is tomorrow and damn it I want to see a loss!

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