Monday, January 24, 2011

I have a secret


Come in close so no-one can hear me. Closer, I won’t bite.

That’s better.

I am going to do a half marathon this year….

WHAT?  I hear you cry. You can’t even run 1km and you think you are going to run 21.1 in the next 11 months. Are you nuts?

Calm down. Let me explain.

I did not say I was going to RUN a half marathon. I said I was going to DO a half marathon. I don’t care if I only run 1km of it, I will walk the rest. I don’t care if it takes all day and half the night. I am going to DO this in December 2011.

OK, you can sit back now.

On to other news.

Weigh in today saw me at 145.1kgs. Which means that the gain from the week away was probably water weight. I am happy with that.

Time to set some goals and get serious.  I said before I went I needed a plan, so here it is.

I will weigh 140kgs by Valentines Day.

Yes I am aware that is only 3 weeks away, but I believe I can do it.

I am counting calories again and I will be pushing the exercise harder than before.  I will do it. Just watch me.


Chubby McGee said...

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE THIS! I was thinking of "doing" a 5K in October myself. You're setting a goal for yourself. It's BRILLIANT! I love it!


And make sure someone takes pics of you at the start and the finish line to rub in the faces of anyone who didn't have faith in you.

Megan said...

Ohhh that's a little bit exciting! Where is the HM you want to do? I didn't know there was one in December.