Saturday, January 22, 2011

Back and ready to start fresh

Firstly I would like to say thank you for all the amazing comments. You guys are incredible and I really appreciate the support.

I am back from my week away and I would like to start by saying the food was crap! I had processed veggie burgers at nearly every meal. They were gross and full of salt. But I was starving by the middle of the week so I really had to eat them. I also ate dessert at every meal because I was hungry.

I made some bad choices....

I also did not get as much exercise done as I would have liked. There was a lot on offer, but nothing I could really do with my current injury. So I ate lots of salty, crappy food and sat on my butt...

The result?

A 900 gram gain.


The good thing that came out of the week was a motivational speaker that come by on Tuesday night. He was talking about life and improving it etc. But one thing from the evening really stuck with me.

He talked a lot about conscious and sub-conscious thought and actions. How our habits are driven by our sub-conscious. 

Here's the thing.

How much of our daily actions are made up of our sub-conscious driving us????


Oh yeah - 97% of our actions are sub-conscious and only 3% are based on a conscious decision.

I immediately related it back to my weight loss attempts. Eating and meal times are generally controlled by the sub-conscious. You do what you have always done. To change that you are fighting years of habit. Years of reaching for the same foods without even thinking about it. And our activities are the same. If you have always sat on your butt after dinner, getting up to go for a walk is a conscious decision. And it is hard.

I still need to give this a lot of thought. But it makes sense.

What I do know is I need to stop beating myself up all the time. If I get it right for 2 meals and 2 snacks and stuff it up for one meal, I am still up 4 out of 5 when it comes to making healthy conscious decisions. 

If I lighten up this could get easier...

Food for thought.

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