Thursday, January 27, 2011

Binge City

That has been my world for the last few days.

It started Monday night. I stopped in at the Supermarket on the way home from work to get some veg for a stir fry. I left laden with junk food – not a vegetable in sight. Went home. Ate the lot.

Tuesday started okay but it did not last.

Yesterday – not good.

Last night we got pizza and I felt sick sick sick. Had a chat to the partner. Trying to come up with some strategies. Think we have a plan in place.

This morning the strategies went out the window. This afternoon I joined Weight Watchers online.

Since I have paid money for this I am determined to give it a go. Not really sure I understand the pro-Points thing yet, but I will study it tonight. Have to make it work.

Just have to…

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Megan said...

:( Me too. I've eaten entire tubs of ice cream, whole packets of fruit buns and goodness knows what else this week. We have gotta stop this. Let us know how you get on with WW.

If you find the secret to self control, please share... I seriously need it!