Monday, March 28, 2011

New Plan

So I spent this week watching my food choices and portion sizes.

I did well except for breakfast - McDonalds Hash Browns and Muffins with cheese and egg get me every day....

A few highlights
 - Went out for dinner and gave 1/3 of my main (which was only entree size) to SVP
 - Gave half my dessert to SVP
 - Eating chocolate, after a few rows asked SVP to take the rest away and if I ask for it to tell me he has finished it
 - No seconds of pasta

How did it show on the scales????

I gained 1.2kgs....


So I need another new plan.

Counting calories with a twist.

I have taken my calorie allowance as set by several well known calorie counting websites
Taken 100 calories off for the fact that I am so sedentary right now
Taken another 200 calories off for vegetables (I am not counting veggies, they are free but I need to allow for them)
Multiplied it by 7 for the week
Thrown another 800 "treat" calories in
And given myself a weekly total of 12700.

This allows for non-hungry days and hungry days, as well as allowing for going out (I have about 6 birthdays to go to this month).

I will give it 2 weeks then re-assess.

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