Friday, May 6, 2011

Cheese OD

I was going really well yesterday until last night when a cheese craving hit...

Cheese, cheese, How I love thee, let me count the ways...

Until about 3 hours later when the stomach cramps hit.

And last all night.

Of course, I wake up this morning with a McDonalds breakfast craving (as I do after being sick, weird, I know). So I drove the slow way to work so I did not pass any of them.

Today is a new day.

A Cheese-Free day.

1 comment:

sassy said...

I can so relate on this one. Cheese has always been one of my favourite foods but about 5 months ago it started being more the enemy. The stomach cramps and er, wind were just terrible and it came down to cheese.
At first I did crave it but now I rarely think about it. I did have a bit of a fantasy about fried haloumi in a salad last week, but then I think about those cramps and it makes me remember why it just isn't my friend anymore.
I also found out that it is quite common to become lactose intolerant between your 30's and 40's.
Maybe I will find I can add small amounts of it back in the future.