Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Getting Help

I am hungry all the time.

This is not "head hungry". This is honest to God, stomach growling, and feeling like it is going to start eating itself from within hungry.

No matter how much I eat, a few hours later I am hungry.

And it is not like I am exercsing at the moment to build up the hunger.

I need help...

I am going to the doctors later this week to get some weight loss drugs.

I am hoping for Duromine as it is the only one I have had that helps. I only want it for a month or so. Just to get things kick started and under control again. But last time I asked for it my Doc said no. She put me on Reductil (which has now been removed from availability in Australia). The only other one is Xenical which I will NOT use.

I am hoping she gives me something.

I need help...

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